Common Eye Conditions That Require a Visit to the Eye Care Hospital

They say that the eyes are the windows to the human soul. I do not know if that is true or not, but what I do know is that they allow us to see the world around us and enjoy it in full color. Unfortunately, they are also very vulnerable to all sorts of things, and one has to give them the necessary care if they are to function properly. A regular check up at the nearest eye clinic is something that every person above 40 years of age should do at least once per year. Still, some eye conditions in humans often cannot be avoided. Here are the three most common and best known such eye conditions.


It is one of the most common eye conditions in humans. It happens if there is a progressive deterioration of the optic nerve and is often connected to the high pressure of the eye. Usually, the eye works similarly to a tire and has its pressure. However, when for some reason, this pressure becomes increased; it is the result of the damage to the optic nerve. This condition is known as primary open angle glaucoma. Glaucoma can also be the result of other factors, like eye injury, infection, eye inflammation and can also be due to the blood vessels being blocked. Since primary glaucoma does not show early signs of pain and other symptoms, it is often very difficult to know if you even have it. This is why a regular check up at the eye clinic is crucial. Usually, glaucoma is treated with prescription eye drops, but certain, more severe cases may require eye surgery.


Cataracts are cloudy areas developing in the eye lens and are also one of the well-known eye conditions in humans. We can compare the lens in the healthy human eye to the one in the camera. When it is clear, it works great and gives us a picture of what is around us. When this is the case, light has no problem reaching to the back of the eye, or the retina. However, when there is a cataract present, light cannot get through the eye lens to the retina, and as a result, the vision becomes impaired. Cataracts can cause pain, tearing, and redness of the eye and often need to be removed surgically, although sometimes they remain small and do not even affect the eyesight.


Another well-known eye problem that can affect humans is conjunctivitis, or “pink eye.” This eye condition is the result of an inflammation of the tissue that covers the cornea and the eyelids. It causes itching, burning, redness, discharge, tearing and a feeling that you have something in the eye and it can be due to being exposed to chemicals, eye infection, or an allergy. Conjunctivitis is also one of the eye conditions in humans that do not choose sex or age, race or gender.